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Obtaining Assets to Transact on Fuse

Once a user has connected a wallet to the Fuse Network blockchain, they may want to obtain Fuse assets directly to be able to transact.

One asset that they will need is Fuse Network's native token, FUSE. FUSE on Fuse Network can be obtained using fiat-to-crypto on-ramps or centralized exchanges. The on-ramps currently supporting FUSE purchases include TransFi and Transak.

The exchanges where you can buy FUSE on Fuse are MEXC Global, AscendEx, and Bitazza Global.

Huobi Global
MEXC Global

Both on-ramps and the aforementioned exchanges allow users to get funds from their bank accounts to have FUSE in their blockchain wallet directly, with the on-ramps being the most straightforward option.

In addition, the aforementioned on-ramp providers and Ramp Network also support the purchases of the reputable USD Circle (USDC) stablecoin on Fuse Network.

Alternatively, users wishing to move their funds to Fuse Network from other chains without going through centralized intermediaries can obtain one of the assets that can be bridged to Fuse Network from the chains to which it is connected through the supporting cross-chain bridges.