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What Is Fuse?

Fuse Network is a blockchain platform focused on simplifying Web3 payments and making blockchain technology more accessible to businesses and developers. It combines features like Account Abstraction, interoperability, and community engagement to create a user-friendly environment for decentralized applications and financial transactions.

Fuse is designed to empower anyone with the ambition to build on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure. Whether you're an existing crypto project, a startup, or a blue-chip company, Fuse welcomes you with open arms. This versatility enables the development of a wide range of products, from gaming and social applications to Web3 payment-focused solutions.

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Why Build on Fuse Network?

Web3 Payments: Fuse Network focuses on enabling easy and efficient Web3 payments. It aims to provide businesses and users with a user-friendly and accessible way to make and receive payments using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Account Abstraction: Fuse Network incorporates a concept known as Account Abstraction. This allows developers and businesses to build applications and smart contracts that interact seamlessly with blockchain networks, simplifying onboarding and participation for non-technical users.

Low-cost transactions: Transaction fees are as low as $0.0001, or more simply - 10,000 transactions for $1. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on transaction costs on Fuse Network, it's recommended to check the network's official resources, which display the current gas fees in FUSE tokens.

Token Economy: The network has its native utility token, FUSE, which is used for various purposes within the ecosystem, including as a means of payment for transactions and as an incentive for validators and participants.

Interoperability: Fuse Network is compatible with other blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BNB Chain. This interoperability allows users to bridge assets between different blockchain networks, expanding the utility and accessibility of Fuse tokens.

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FUSE on Other Blockhains

One way to ensure the growth of Fuse and its prospects is by enabling additional versions (wrappers) of FUSE on other chains.

Wrapped versions of the FUSE token exist on Ethereum (mainnet), Binance Smart Chain, and the Arbitrum One layer-2 optimistic rollup chain for Ethereum, and Optimism. The latter is a wrapper of a wrapper powered by the Ethereum-Arbitrum bridge, and its withdrawals from Arbitrum are subject to the optimistic rollup rules.

You can add these to your Web3 wallet using the below contracts:

NetworkFuse Contract
BNB ChainBSCscan
Arbitrum OneArbiscan