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The SDKs for both Flutter and JS offer a comprehensive toolkit for developing client applications on the Fuse Blockchain. The FuseBox SDK empowers developers to create Smart Contract Wallets (based on the ERC-4337 standard) linked to each user's Externally Owned Account (EOA), enhancing security beyond the conventional EOA's reliance on a single private key. This SDK facilitates exclusive control over funds by users, allowing deposits that remain inaccessible to others and withdrawals that can be executed at any time.

FuseBox SDK Features

The FuseBox SDK simplifies the incorporation of Account Abstraction on the Fuse Blockchain, offering features such as:

  • Smart Contract Wallet Creation: Establish secure wallets based on smart contracts (based on the ERC-4337 standard).
  • Transaction Management:
    • ERC20 and Native FUSE Transfers: Facilitate the transfer of ERC20 tokens and native FUSE currency.
    • Non-Blocking Transactions: Ensure uninterrupted transaction processing.
    • NFT Transfers: Enable the transfer of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
    • Token Swaps: Allow for the exchange of different types of tokens.
  • Data Services:
    • Token Ownership: Retrieve a list of tokens owned by a specific address.
    • Transaction History: Access records of past transactions.
    • Token Details: Obtain detailed information about specific tokens.
    • Smart Wallet Token Balances: Monitor token balances within smart contract wallets.
  • Staking Capabilities:
    • Staking Options: Explore available staking opportunities.
    • Stake Management: Perform staking and unstaking actions.
    • Staked Token Overview: View tokens that have been staked.
  • Trading Functions:
    • Token Pricing: Check the current price of tokens.
    • Price Fluctuations: Track token price changes over the last 24 hours and at specified intervals.
    • Supported Tokens: Access a list of tokens supported for trading.
    • Sponsored Transactions: Facilitate transactions sponsored by third parties.
  • Enhanced Transaction Processing: Further support for non-blocking transactions enhances the user experience by ensuring seamless transaction flow.