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Error - User op cannot be replaced: fee too low.

If you're getting the User op cannot be replaced: fee too low error, it means that the gas price you set is too low. You can increase the gas price by setting the TxOptions parameter when sending a transaction. To replace an user operation, a new user operation must have at least 10% higher maxPriorityFeePerGas and 10% higher maxPriorityFeePerGas than the one in the user operation mempool.

To replace the user operation, the new gas price must be at least 10% higher.

final res = await fuseSDK.transferToken(
feePerGas: '11000000000',
withRetry: true,
feeIncrementPercentage: 11,
print('UserOpHash: ${res.userOpHash}');
print('Waiting for transaction...');
final ev = await res.wait();