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The FuseBox API is a allows you to develop and integrate your applications seamlessly. With the Fuse API, you have access to two distinct environments - Staging and Production - where you can test and deploy your applications. The Staging environment is designed for testing and development purposes, allowing you to experiment with your applications in a safe and controlled environment. On the other hand, the Production environment is where your applications are deployed and made available to your customers. It is important to note that any changes you make in the Staging environment will not affect the Production environment until they are explicitly deployed. In this way, you can ensure that your applications are thoroughly tested before they are released to your customers. So, whether you are developing a new application or integrating an existing one, the Fuse API gives you the flexibility and control you need to deliver high-quality applications with ease.


Please note that the Trade API are not available in the Staging environment.

The Staging environment is a replica of the Production environment intended for testing and development. It allows you to test your integration with the Fuse API without affecting the Production environment. The base URL for the Staging environment is


The Production environment is meant for live use and real transactions. It is recommended to use this environment once you have finished testing and are ready to go live. The base URL for the Production environment is

Please note, all API calls should be made over HTTPS.