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The FuseBox Stack is comprised of several essential components, including:

  • Fuse SDK enables interaction with Fuse APIs, indexing solutions, RPCs, and bundlers.
  • Fuse APIs, which include:
    • Smart Wallets API for creating and managing Smart Contract Wallets.
    • Notifications API for subscribing to updates about wallet activity.
    • Trade API for fetching trade data and assisting with swaps.
    • DATA APIs enable additional indexed data such as NFTs, transaction histories, and more.
    • Network API:
      • Staking API - Volt and Fuse liquid staking (Voltage DEX module)
      • NFT API that utilizes the subgraphs
  • Indexers, including subgraphs and the explorer.
  • Fuse Network serves as the underlying infrastructure for the Fuse Stack.
  • Smart Wallet Contracts and their modules.
  • Token contracts, including ERC20 tokens and ERC721 (NFTs).
  • Token factories for creating new tokens.
  • Other smart contracts include AMMs of DEXes, DAO contracts, and more.

These components comprise the robust and comprehensive Fuse Stack, providing a powerful toolkit for building and deploying blockchain-based applications on the Fuse Network.