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Fuse Explorer

Fuse Explorer is a full-featured block explorer for the Fuse Network and many other chains. Fuse Explorer is open-source software and is based on Blockout explorer.

About Blockscout:

Blockscout is optimized for next-level blockchain exploration. Multichain, highly configurable, and open source, the explorer portal opens up access to all chain data and functionality. Search blocks, transactions and addresses, then go beyond to connect and interact with apps, bridges, wallets and more. The blockchain universe is yours to explore!

Main Features

  • Track Blocks, Accounts, Balances, and Token transfers
  • API-based access to Blockchain-based information
  • The ability to read and authenticate Smart Contracts
  • You can easily tag and keep tabs on your transactions by using the tools under "My Account."

Fuse Spark

Fuse testnet explorer is available on