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Version: 2.0.0

Trade API

The Trade API offers a suite of endpoints tailored to enhance your token-swapping capabilities. Whether you're seeking indicative prices for transactions, exploring liquidity sources, or obtaining quotes for buying or selling ERC20 tokens, our APIs streamline the token-swapping process with precision and efficiency. The API endpoint is used to acquire an indicative price for a transaction.

Key Features:

1. Get Indicative Price for a Transaction:

Obtain real-time indicative prices for transactions, empowering you to make informed decisions while exchanging tokens. Gain insights into transaction costs and optimize your token exchange experience effortlessly.

2. Returns Liquidity Sources Enabled for the Chain:

Explore the liquidity sources available for the blockchain chain you're operating on. Uncover a diverse array of liquidity providers and optimize your token-swapping strategy based on available resources.

3. Get a Quote for Buying or Selling any ERC20 Token:

Obtain quotes for buying or selling ERC20 tokens seamlessly with our intuitive API. Simplify the token exchange process and optimize your trading activities with ease.

Getting Started:

Get an API from the Console tool and refer to our comprehensive documentation. Access guides, code snippets, and examples to integrate the Trade API seamlessly into your applications.

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