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Version: 1.0.0

Staking API

Elevate Your Token Staking Experience

Staking APIs provide robust endpoints to enhance your staking experience on the Fuse Blockchain.

What is Staking API?

The Staking API offers a suite of endpoints designed to empower developers to manage token staking efficiently. Whether you're staking tokens, exploring staking options, or monitoring staked assets, these APIs provide a streamlined interface for a comprehensive staking experience.

Key Features:

1. Get Staked Tokens by Wallet Address:

Retrieve detailed information about staked tokens associated with a specific wallet address. Gain insights into staking activities and track the status of staked assets effortlessly.

2. Stake Token:

Seamlessly stake tokens using our intuitive API. With just a few API calls, you can simplify the staking process and optimize your token holdings.

3. Staking Options:

Explore the available staking options to tailor your staking strategy. Retrieve information on staking durations, rewards, and other essential parameters to make informed decisions.

4. Unstake Token:

Unleash flexibility with the ability to unstake tokens conveniently. Utilize the Unstake Token endpoint to manage and adjust your staking portfolio according to your preferences.

Getting Started:

Get an API key from the Console tool and refer to our comprehensive documentation to dive into the world of effortless token staking.

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