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Build on Fuse: A Developer's Guide

Welcome to Fuse, the blockchain platform that empowers developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) with ease. Whether you are a seasoned Web2 developer or diving into the world of Web3, Fuse provides you with the tools and resources to bring your ideas to life. In this document, we will walk you through the various ways you can build on Fuse and provide links to tutorials to help you get started.

Web2 Developers

If you are a Web2 developer looking to leverage the power of Fuse for your applications, we have you covered. Fuse offers two essential SDKs for seamless integration:

1. FuseBox SDK

Integrate Fuse seamlessly into your applications using the FuseBox SDK. This SDK provides easy-to-use functions and utilities to interact with the Fuse blockchain, allowing you to build decentralized features into your existing projects.

Get started with FuseBox JavaScript SDK: Tutorial: Send your first Transaction

2. FuseBox Flutter SDK for Mobile

For mobile app developers using Flutter, FuseBox Flutter SDK offers a straightforward solution. Build decentralized mobile applications that interact with the Fuse blockchain effortlessly.

Get started with FuseBox Flutter SDK: Tutorial: Building Mobile Apps with FuseBox SDK for Flutter

Web3 Developers

Web3 developers seeking to deploy smart contracts on Fuse have multiple options. Fuse supports popular development frameworks, making it easy for you to choose your preferred tool:

1. Remix

Remix is a powerful open-source web and desktop application that helps you write, deploy, and manage smart contracts. Fuse seamlessly integrates with Remix, enabling you to deploy your smart contracts directly onto the Fuse blockchain.

Get started with Remix on Fuse: Tutorial: Deploying Smart Contracts with Remix on Fuse

2. Hardhat

Hardhat is a development environment for Ethereum that enables you to compile, deploy, and test your smart contracts. Fuse extends its support to Hardhat, allowing you to use this familiar tool for your development on the Fuse blockchain.

Get started with Hardhat on Fuse: Tutorial: Using Hardhat for Smart Contract Development on Fuse

3. Thirdweb

Thirdweb is another excellent option for Web3 developers interested in deploying smart contracts on Fuse. It provides a user-friendly interface and supports seamless integration with the Fuse blockchain.

Get started with Thirdweb on Fuse: Tutorial: Deploying Smart Contracts with Thirdweb on Fuse

No matter your background or expertise, Fuse offers the flexibility and tools you need to bring your decentralized vision to life. Explore the tutorials provided to dive deeper into each development option and start building on Fuse today. Welcome to the future of decentralized applications!