What is DAI points?

DAI points are created so users can have an easy way to explore the functionality of the Fuse wallet. The points were created using the Studio and issued on the Fuse blockchain. They are exchangeble to DAI trough the bridge. 100 DAI point are worth 1 DAI.

After signing up to the wallet and receiving DAI points, users can start sending points to their friends or pay at merchants. Becuase DAI points represent real DAI locked on Ethereum mainnet, the points are accruing interest which is distributed to the users in a no-loss lottery style Pooltogether (Although we are not using Pooltogether contract, you can read more on how it works here: https://www.pooltogether.com/)

Every week, a random holder of DAI points will win the interest raised by all the holders in a special screen that announces the winner along with all the essential information about the no-loss lottery.

Users that want to improve their chances of winning can deposit DAI from mainnet that will be exchanged to DAI points automatically or top-up using their credit card. Also users that wish to withdraw DAI by exchanging DAI points back to DAI will soon be able to do it as well.