What is the Fuse Studio?

The fuse studio is a no-code smart contract platform built on top of Ethereum intended for entrepreneurs. With Fuse studio, A Token is minted on Ethereum and then moved to the Fuse-chain get make it much more usable for mainstream audience. user data is stored by the users on their devices, users can join communities and community contracts define their data and governance policies. Those communities can be governed by individuals or organizations and integrate plug-ins which are contracts that add new capabilities. An entrepreneur on Fuse can launch a local service and integrate a cross platform mobile wallet without having to deal with costly servers, data protection or licensing.

What is a community on Fuse?

Most online services today are centralized and usually companies that hold them have complete control over the data. While building a new software stack for the web, and slowly moving to a world where more and more data is owned by the users, we need to figure out how communities can create better transparency and governance over user data without having it all stored and manged by a single company. A community on Fuse is a contract that could be owned by an individual or several blockchain accounts and defines all the properties of the community and is controlled by the community.

How can i integrate credit/debit payments in my community?

After first launching your community you can add a payment gateway by adding it in the plug-ins page. You will need to switch on the gateway you choose and a "top up" menu item will appear to the users of your community on the mobile app. The payment gateways vary between different jurisdictions and banking integration options like credit/debit cards and wire transfers. Our payment integrations are: Ramp, Coindirect, Moonpay, Carbon and Wyre.

What is the Fuse chain and how it helps my community?

The Fuse chain is a public payments network bridged to Ethereum. The Fuse chain allows entrepreneurs to create communities on the Blockchain using an easy to use tool for community managers called the Fuse Studio. Using the Fuse Studio, entrepreneurs can create a community entirely governed on the Blockcahin with permission managements, token issuance, and tap into powerful business logic and service providers. Using the Studio, the entrepreneur issues a standard token (ERC-20) on the Etheruem Mainnet and using the bridge to move the asset to the Fuse chain for much cheaper and faster transactions (Read here to learn more). The Fuse chain can support any type of coin existing on Ethereum and other blockchains in the future. Entrepreneurs that use the bridge to move to the Fuse chain will be able to add new functionality to their token with almost no effort including adding the token to a white label wallet or manage it distribution. All of those tools are out of the box and free to use on the Fuse chain.

What types of communities can i create with the studio?

The Fuse studio community launch wizard provides the following options for enterpreneues:

  • A mintable burnable token - This option creates a community around a token that can be issued and burned by commnity manager. This is intended to act as an IOU inside a specific community. Usually with tokens like this the issuer (who is you) is providing the backing and the convertibility for the coin so this is intended for small scale communities and more advanced users. This token has no cap and any amount could be created or destroyed.

  • One time issuance - This option creates a token similar to Bitcoin. As it has a cap and can bit minted only once. This is meant to create digital scarcity and increase trust with the issuers by cryptographically limiting the ability to mint more coins.

  • Existing tokens - Community manager don't necessarily need to be the issuer of their own currency and they can use any compatible existing currencies like DAI, USDC or any other stablecoin on Ethereum. We added DAI as the first stable coin to integrate to Fuse with many more to come soon! The Dai is added as the default currency of the community and can be used on the Fuse chain and as a part of you community with almost no effort.

What could be built with Fuse?

  • Consumer payments

  • Credits, points, loyalty systems

  • Shared ownership

  • Making stable coins more accessible

  • Integrate Defi