The Fuse chain is an Ethereum sidechain designed specifically to replace traditional means of exchange and make payments on the blockchain more accessible for mainstream audiences. The network is operated by validators which are organizations that are running nodes that validate transactions and execute smart contracts. Validators get paid in the Fuse token.

The network validators are companies taking part in building the Fuse software stack.

In order to qualify as a validator, the organization needs to stake a certain amount of Fuse token and become a long term stake-holder in the network.

Any holder of a Fuse token can delegate it to a validator and thus participate in the governance of the network.

This DPoS (Delegate Proof of Stake) mechanism allows the network to grow while a constant election of validators reduces the risk for malicious actors.

To connect to the Fuse chain please set your wallet to connect to this network RPC address: https://rpc.fuse.io

__Click here for a guide on setting up Metamask to work with Fuse.

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