Bridges to Other Chains
The Fuse team strongly believes in a future with multiple interoperable blockchains, without a single chain being dominant.
This makes it important for Fuse Network to be connected to as many major blockchain platforms as feasible.
Currently, it is connected via two-way bridges to Ethereum (mainnet) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Both bridges are accessible via the interface of the Fuse-native DEX FuseSwap. They currently support FUSE and ERC20 tokens, including ERC-20 wrappers for major native blockchain tokens such as ETH, BTC and BNB.
A key feature of both of these bridges is that users sending tokens to Fuse Network on them receive the same version of the relevant token on the Fuse regardless of the blockchain from which the transfer was initiated. This reduces a lot of friction for the users sending tokens to Fuse Network.
The current Fuse bridges are also custodial, meaning that the bridge operator are in control of the funds being bridged and can revert transfers. While a non-custodial bridging solution is, in theory, more desirable, in practice, non-custodial bridges built with currently available technology carry unacceptably high security risks.
On both bridges, sending tokens from the relevant blockchain to Fuse Network is not subject to any fees or limits. Token withdrawals from Fuse incur a 0.05% fee on the amount bridged. Users transferring funds also need to pay the fees on the destination chain in order to claim their tokens from the bridge contract at the final stage of the transfer.

Fuse-Ethereum Bridge

The Fuse-Ethereum bridge supports a wide range of ERC20 tokens, including WETH, WBTC, LINK, GRT, USDC, USDT, KNC, LRC, etc.
The minimum value of tokens that can be bridged from Fuse to Ethereum is USD 1000.

Fuse-BSC Bridge

Fuse Network is also connected via a two-way broidge to Binance Smart Chain. Currently, the Fuse-BSC bridge supports a more limited set of tokens than its Ethereum counterpart: WBNB, WETH, BUSD and FUSE.
The minimum value of tokens that can be bridged from Fuse to BSC is USD 20.

Other potential bridges

The Fuse team is consistently working on adding both bridges to other major EVM-compatible blockchains through integrations with reputable bridge service providers.
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