Communities, Their Creation and Management
Fuse communities are special environments created via Fuse Studio and powered by their underlying tokens and smart contracts.
At the core of each token community lies its associated token. A community can be created both around a token specially issued for it or any existing ERC20-compliant token on Fuse. If a new token is issued, it may be a token with a fixed supply or a mintable-burnable one.
Each community maintains a list of public addresses of its members and the associated roles. The public address of the creator of the community enjoys the privileges of its administrator. The administrator can onboard new users and participating businesses.
The community creator can also choose the branding of the community, activate fiat on-ramps via the integrations with third-party providers.
If a community is created and managed via The Studio API, it can be customized by its creator to a much larger degree than when it is created and managed via the Studio UI.
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