Fuse Ecosystem
Projects and platforms building or built upon or partnering with Fuse

Partnerships and integrations

Ramp Network is a leading global provider of fiat on- and off-ramp solutions for crypto projects. Fuse's partnership with Ramp enables fast, convenient on-ramps from users' bank accounts to their accounts on Fuse by purchasing Fuse-native stablecoins, including FuseDollar. Read more on our blog.
Chainlink is a leading decentralized network of oracles for blockchain-powered applications. Chainlink's proof of reserve functionality will be used to enhance the full backing of the FuseDollar stablecoin with USDC. Read more on our blog.
Pocket Network is a platform incentivizing participants to run full nodes for multiple blockchains. Fuse has become a paid network on Pocket, meaning that Pocket nodes now help route user-submitted transactions to Fuse full nodes. Read more on our blog.
Request Network is a platform for optimizing the processing of crypto payments by businesses. Request's core invoicing functionality is live on Fuse, enabling corporate users to easily create, manage and pay crypto invoices. Read more on our blog.
Boson Protocol is a project working on decentralizing e-commerce through the use of tokenization, including special NFTs and tokens representing units of goods (Thing Tokens). Fuse will integrate Boson's Thing Tokens to make them discoverable and tradable within the Fuse ecosystem. Read more on Boson's blog.


0Chain is a decentralized storage platform that combines on- and off-chain storage for optimal results. Fuse's integration with 0Chain is set to explore the possibility of storing Fuse payment communities' data and the metadata for NFTs on Fuse. Read more on our blog.
Orion Protocol is a platform aiming at aggregating all the liquidity available on both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Fuse will integrate Orion's Liquidity Boost plugin to provide FuseSwap traders with access to substantial exchange liquidity. Read more on our blog.


e-Money is a leading provider of fully collateralized, compliant, interest-bearing stablecoins. The goal of the collaboration between Fuse and e-Money is to bring e-Money stablecoins to the Fuse ecosystem. This will be achieved through the building of a bridge between the e-Money chain and Fuse Network. Read more on our blog.
MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on staking, lending and governance. MANTRA DAO helps secure Fuse by running a validator node on Fuse Network. Fuse and MANTRA DAO collaborate on launching liquidity reward programs on Fuse. Read more on our blog.


Transak is a major fiat on-ramp provider. Fuse integrates Transak for enabling fiat on-ramps in the jurisdictions where Ramp Network services are not available for Fuse users. Read more on our blog.


Monerium enables the issuance of tokenized electronic money on the blockchain. Unlike stablecoins, e-money is backed by funds on users' bank accounts opened with Monerium. The goal of the collaboration is to bring tokenized e-money to Fuse. Read more on our blog.


ICHI is a platform for issuing and managing fully-backed hybrid stablecoins for blockchain communities. ICHI-powered stablecoins are also community-governed in contrast to the currently dominant fiat-backed alternatives. The partnership with ICHI has resulted in the issuance of the oneFUSE stablecoin. Read more on our blog.
Ola Finance is a cross-platform protocol for creating custom decentralized lending networks. Unlike with other major lending protocols, networks created on top of Ola can support any combinations of crypto assets on both the supply and borrowing side. The partnership with Ola helped launch Fuse Lending Network. Read more on our blog.
Krystal DeFi is a mobile app that strives to be a single access point to DeFi on multiple chains. The initial stage of the integration with Fuse will involve the addition of the FuseSwap DEX to the app's DEX aggregator. Later on, Krystal will also integrate the Fuse RPC and support Fuse Network natively. Read more on our blog.


DappRadar is a leading platform for tracking, ranking and analyzing DApps on public blockchains. Fuse Network will be listed on DAppRadar soon. Read more on our blog.


Dapp.com is a major data aggregator for blockchain-powered applications (dApps). It tracks the activity on Fuse dApps and also helps secure Fuse Network by running a validator node. Read more on our blog.


GetBlock is a service that offers fast and easy connections to the nodes of multiple blockchains via a convenient API. GetBlock runs a dedicated node for Fuse. Read more on our blog.
Staking Rewards is a leading platform aggregating data for users wishing to earn yield with crypto assets. The integration with Staking Rewards provides the Fuse community with a convenient tool for tracking the passive income opportunities involving the Fuse token. Read more on our blog.


DEXTools offers traders on decentralized exchanges a variety of services aimed at improving their trading experience and boosting results. Accessible through the DEXTools app, those include, among others, a pool and pair explorer, a multiswap feature and the creation of unique trading strategies using bots.


ChangeNOW is a platform providing users with a non-custodial swapping service connected to a range of centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. The FUSE token (on Ethereum) is available for purchase via ChangeNOW. Read more on our blog.
Unstoppable Domains enables anyone to associate a human-readable domain name to a blockchain address or a piece of content on IPFS. Thanks to the integration with Unstoppable Domains, the Fuse website has a version hosted on IPFS. Read more on our blog.


The Mintgate project enables developers to use their tokens of choice for gating access to certain content. The initial stage of the integration will enable content creators to use Fuse-native tokens for content access control. Read more on the our blog.


Unmarshal is a cross-chain platform for streamlined indexing and quering of DeFi data. The goal of the partnership with Unmarshal is to extend its support to Fuse Network. Read more on the Unmarshal blog.
MultiSender is an online app that enables users to batch-send multiple ERC-20 tokens, including FUSE.

Infrastructure/developer tools

Fuse Studio is a platform for issuing tokens and creating payment-focused communities around them and managing those. It enables the issuance of tokens and the creation of their associated communities in both a simplified (no coding) mode via the Studio website, and a more technical mode using the platform's API.
The Fuse White Label wallet is the second core piece of Fuse's mobile-centric payment infrastructure. It is an open-source smart contract-based wallet that can be freely forked and customized by any project building on top of Fuse via its API. It is build using the Flutter 2.2 framework, which makes its codebase suitable for multiple platforms, including mobile and desktop. More than 60 forks of the wallet have already been created, including Fuse Cash, CuraDAI and Peepl. The Fuse team is also working on creating an SDK for the white label wallet, enabling developers to borrow some of its components into their solutions instead of forking the whole of it.

The Graph

The Graph is a decentralized protocol enabling convenient indexing of the data generated by smart contracts and other decentralized protocols like IPFS through the creation of subgraphs. Fuse uses subgraphs for platform components such as The Studio and FuseSwap. These subgraphs are accessible to any developer on Fuse. In addition, any developer can create a subgraph on Fuse for their decentralized application. Read more on our blog.
OpenZeppelin is a leading provider of security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications. Fuse Network is supported by OpenZeppelin's flagship product Defender making it easier for developers to build on Fuse. Read more on our blog.



FuseSwap is the first Fuse-native AMM-based decentralized exchange (DEX) based on a fork of Uniswap 2.0. Its main advantages are its speed and low cost of trades thanks to it running on top of Fuse Network.


SUSHI is a leading multichain DeFi platform consisting of the AMM Sushiswap, Kashi lending protocol, BentoBox dApps ecosystem and the xSUSHI staking platform. SUSHI is now deployed on Fuse Network.
Fuse Lending Network is the first decentralized lending network on Fuse developed in collaboration with Ola Finance and running on top of the Ola protocol. Read more here and here.
Fuse Rewards is a cross-platform gateway for enabling users to conveniently participate in yield farming programs run by Fuse. It currently supports yield farming programs on Fuse Network, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
Fuse Staking is a platform created by the Fuse team to make it easier for FUSE token holders to delegate their tokens to the network validators of their choice.
FuseDollar (fUSD) is the first Fuse-native stablecoin. fUSD is minted by locking an equal amount of USDC stablecoins, which means that fUSD is 100% collateralized by USDC. fUSD can be conveniently purchased from almost anywhere in the world thanks to the integration with Ramp Network. It is also an interest-bearing asset, as it is possible to earn 5% APR by holding it on a Fuse Cash wallet account. Read more on our blog.


oneFUSE is an innovative stablecoin for the Fuse community created by ICHI. It is a hybrid stablecoin backed partly by USDC and partly by FUSE tokens. In order to issue 1 oneFUSE, a user must deposit $1 in USDC and FUSE, according to the proportion in place at the time of minting. Read more on our blog.


vfat is a multichain platform enabling users to participate in yield farming programs on various chains. vfat currently covers yield farming programs on the Fuse-native DEX FuseSwap.


Elk Finance is a value transfer layer for public blockchains where transfers between chains are mediated via Elk's native asset ELK. Fuse is one of the blockchains supported by Elk.


ChainPort is an interoperability platform enabling permissionless custodial ERC20 bridges between EVM-compatible chains. ChainPort fully supports Fuse Network.


Connext is an interoperability platform enabling permissionless non-custodial ERC20 bridges between EVM-compatible chains. Tokens can be bridged to and from Fuse Network using the xPollinate interface.



Artrific is the first general-purpose NFT minting and marketplace platform running natively on Fuse Network.
Cozy Cosmonauts is an original NFT art project on Fuse Network offering users a collection of 999 NFT avatars with metadata stored on IPFS.
The FUSE BAR is the first NFT project running live on top of Fuse Network. It enables users to generate Fusels, or NFTs with random drink recipes with several degrees of rarity.


GoodDollar is a digital universal basic income (UBI) project on top of Fuse and has consistently featured among the top 10 dApps by the number of daily users. It leverages DeFi to create a stream of free digital currency. Users can claim their share of available G$ daily. Read more on their blog.


Kolektivo is a project developing regenerative economies. It is currently rolling out the CuraDAI local currency and mobile wallet app for the island of Curaçao. Read more here and here.
Comunitaria (formerly Wikibank) deploys Fuse in several Spanish cities to solve an important problem in the charity industry. It converts donations into tokens that aid recipients can only spend in designated stores on fresh food. Read more on our blog.


PeeplEat is a Fuse ecosystem project working to decentralize and disrupt the food delivery platforms like Deliveroo and UberEats. It connects customers to restaurants via a fork of Fuse Wallet and uses the PPL token for incentivizing community participation.
The vision of The Wellbeing Protocol is to facilitate the creation of local communities focused on the wellbeing of their members. It is currently running the first pilot in Cannons Creek, New Zealand. Read more on our blog.


Flambu is a project building a sharing economy on Fuse. Its mobile app will enable anyone to lend or rent anything on the platform. Flambu will use a two-token approach involving the FLAM utility token and the FBX stablecoin. Read more on our blog.


Fuse Cash

Fuse Cash is a consumer-focused implementation of the Fuse Wallet technology. Fuse's answer to Venmo and Cash App, it is an extremely user-friendly mobile gateway to crypto payments and DeFi. It features free fUSD deposits via the Ramp Network plugin, a built-in DEX functionality, a savings program for fUSD holders and NFT support. Read more here and here.

Fuse Wallet (on Android; on iOS)

Fuse Wallet is an instance of the Fuse White Label wallet available for download on both Android and iOS. It enables easy onboarding of users to communities created through the Fuse Studio no-coding UI.

CuraDAI (on Android; on iOS)

CuraDAI is Kolektivo's fork of Fuse Wallet designed to support transactions with the CuraDAI local currency for the island of Curaçao and promote the CuraDAI community engagement.

Third-Party Technology Wallets

AlphaWallet is a 100% open-source DeFi-focused web3 mobile wallet that extends the functionalities of tokens via the Tokenscript technology.


BitKeep is a popular DeFi-based mobile wallet supporting 40+ blockchains, including Fuse Network.


Coin98 is a leading non-custodial multichain mobile crypto wallet and DeFi and NFT gateway. Coin98 integrates 20+ blockchains, including Fuse Network.


imToken is a multichain mobile wallet and DApp browser that also supports Fuse Network natively. Fuse RPC can be added via the Chainlist DApp in the in-app browser.


iME is a Telegram-based mobile wallet and chat app that supports the FUSE token.
MathWallet is a popular multichain mobile and browser extension web3 wallet supporting 90+ blockchains, including Fuse Network.


MetaMask is a popular multichain mobile and browser extension web3 wallet for EVM-compatible chains, including Fuse Network.
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