At least at the current stage where the prices of most crypto assets are highly volatile, stablecoins are an important tool for driving crypto adoption, especially for the non-trading-related purposes.


FuseDollar (fUSD) is a US dollar-pegged stable cryptocurrency that is minted on the Fuse blockchain and was created in order to lower barrier for mainstream users to use this new asset type just like they use cash.
Fuse Dollar (fUSD) is fully backed by USDC which is a fully backed regulated stablecoin minted by Circle and is widely used in the crypto space.
FuseDollar is also already an interest-bearing stablecoin as its holders on the Fuse Cash app can earn 5% APR on their fUSD.


oneFUSE is a stablecoin for the Fuse community created in collaboration with the ICHI project.
It is a hybrid stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and fully backed partly by USDC and partly by FUSE. The FUSE tokens deposited into the oneFUSE treasury will be used to generate yield for the oneFUSE holders.


CuraDAI is the stablecoin created by the Kolektivo project for the island of Curaçao. It is pegged to the Antillean Guilder which is itself pegged to the US dollar, and backed by the DAI stablecoin.
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