Fuse Cash Consumer-Facing Wallet
Fuse Cash is a consumer-facing mobile crypto wallet running on top of Fuse Network.
It is the Fuse team's own proof-of-concept implementation of the Fuse Wallet technology, so it inherits all the important core features all Fuse wallet forks have. In other words, it is a smart-contract-based non-custodial wallet with fee abstraction, directly connected to the Fuse Studio backend. Fuse Cash users form a community on the Studio whose underlying token is FuseDollar (fUSD).
Fuse Cash boasts the following important features:
1) Fee-free fiat on-ramp. Thanks to the integration with Ramp Network, users from almost anywhere in the world can quickly deposit fUSD into their Fuse Cash accounts from their bank accounts.
2) In-app DEX integration. Fuse Cash users can trade on the FuseSwap DEX directly from the Fuse Cash interface.
3) WalletConnect functionality. Fuse Cash is a WalletConnect-enabled wallet which allows users to use it to interact with DeFi applications on Fuse. The latter currently include FuseSwap and the Fuse Rewards platform.
4) 5% APR on fUSD. Users holding fUSD on their Fuse Cash accounts automatically participate in the fUSD rewards pool which allows them to earn 5% APR on their fUSD holdings.
Fuse Cash is thus both an unstoppable bank account and a gateway to DeFi on Fuse.
Last modified 3mo ago
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