Migration tutorial

If you would like to watch the below tutorial through a video please follow this link.

We have recently upgraded the smart contract for WETH on Fuse Network. The below tutorial will explain how to migrate the old wrapper tokens to the updated contract WETH, if you are holding the deprecated version of WETH on Fuse network in your wallet.

Step 1: Navigate to https://fuseswap.com. The interface will look as shown below

Use the “Connect to a wallet” button on the right hand top corner to connect your wallet to FuseSwap. Once you connect you should be able to see your wallet address and see the network you are connected to (in this case, Fuse Network).

Step 2: Click on “Bridge”. When you click on “Select a token” if you have the Deprecated WETH, it will show on the balance on the dropdown menu, as shown below. Select “WETH (Deprecated)” there, and and enter the amount of WETH you want to transfer from Fuse network to BSC. Click on “Approve WETH” and approve the transaction on Metamask. Once you approve the interface will look as shown below.

FuseSwap automatically prompts you to migrate to the new contract as shown below.

Click on “Approve WETH (Deprecated)” and approve the transaction on your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed you can click on “Migrate”.

Once the second transaction is confirmed the Deprecated WETH is migrated to the updated contract address. You can verify this by clicking on the dropdown menu again and the new balance would be updated as shown in the above image.