Fuse overview

What is the Fuse network?

The Fuse network is a permissionless and border-less public ledger designed for easy integration of everyday payments. It's anchored to Ethereum using a bridge which allows to move any token freely between Ethereum and the Fuse-chain. A Token is minted on Ethereum and then moved to the Fuse-chain get access to features that allows to bring it to life. User data in the Fuse network is stored by the users on their devices and they decide who to share it with using standard web3.0 interfaces. The users can join communities and community contracts define their data and governance policies. Those communities can be governed by individuals or organizations, everything is public and transparent on the blockchain. The Fuse studio allows easy launch and operation of new communities with access to a contract store that allows to launch new features and integrate services.

What is the status of the network?

At the heart of the network is the open source stack suited for individuals and organizations that wish to integrate blockchain payments. The software stack consists out of 3 parts:

Fuse Chain

Fuse Network mainnet launched.

Governance contracts and a bridge to the Ethereum mainnet.

Fuse Studio

Launched on Ethereum mainnet and Fuse.

Fuse Wallet

First Flutter Ethereum wallet launched to Github

Launched on Google play and Testflight free to download and customize.