Getting started as a validator on Spark testnet


In order to be a Spark validator, you first must see that you meet the pre-requirements:
  • You know what it means to be a Spark validator - Becoming a validator.
  • You have at least 100K SPARK tokens or you will have an aggregated delegation of at least 100K SPARK tokens - To apply for SPARK test tokens fill out this form
  • You have an always-on hardware that meets the pre-requisites - How to run network nodes

How to become a Spark validator

To quickly become a validator, follow this steps:

Step 1: Download the `` script and an `.env` example file:

mkdir fuse-validator
cd fuse-validator
wget -O
chmod 777
wget -O .env

Step 2: Update the `.env` file:

set "sudo" on `PERMISSION_PREFIX` if running docker/docker-compose requires root
add the following line:
(optional) set 'VAL_NAME' to display a custom name on (cannot contain spaces)

Step 3: Run the script as a validator:

After running the script successfully, you will see your address in the health site.

Step 4: Stake and/or delegate!


To stake SPARK tokens, all you should do is send your SPARK tokens to the Spark Consensus contract address over the Sparknetwork from the validator address.
The Spark Consensus contract address: 0xC8c3a332f9e4CE6bfFFcf967026cB006Db2311c7
The easiest way to do so, is to import your private key or key-store file to your favourite wallet (for example Metamask), switch network to Spark and send the SPARK tokens (native testnet tokens) to the Consensus contract address.
You can find your key-store (containing your private key) and the password for the created account in:


To delegate, just send the SPARK tokens from any address to the Consensus contract address with the data: 0x5c19a95c000000000000000000000000<address without 0x>.
For the address: 0xb8ce4a040e8aa33bbe2de62e92851b7d7afd52de Use: 0x5c19a95c000000000000000000000000b8ce4a040e8aa33bbe2de62e92851b7d7afd52de as the data.
5c19a95c is for the delegate(address) function signature.
b8ce4a040e8aa33bbe2de62e92851b7d7afd52dein this example is an address you're delegating to (without the 0x prefix)

Step 5: Wait for 1 cycle (approximately 1hour).

Wait until the next cycle is started.
You can see that you are validating both in the health site
For live support, contact us on Telegram or Discord. Good luck and happy validating!