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Upgrade Guide (explorer nodes)

Since we don't host snapshots for explorer DBs, some extra steps are required to update from V1.0.0 to V2.0.0.

Step 1 - Stop all running containers

sudo docker stop $(sudo docker ps -q)

Step 2 - Pull the latest quickstart script

cd <to location>
wget -O

Step 3 - Upgrade your DB using OEs upgrade tool

It is highly recommended to back up your database folder before attempting!.

Follow the instruction here to upgrade from V13->V16 DBs The database is stored in \<"path to">/fusenet/database/FuseNetwork/db/dee77c98f8210dbb/archive

Step 4 - Update the Client version in env file and rerun quickstart

vim .env
Add the following (without quotes) "CLIENT=OE"
Save and exit :w :q
sudo ./

Step 5 - Verify Upgrade

Check your node on our health site It should be online, and the client should be "OpenEthereum//v3.2.6-stable" ensure your node is connected to peers and syncing/ in sync.