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Dart/Flutter SDK

The Fuse Wallet SDK is a set of tools for building on Fuse Blockchain in client applications. Fuse Wallet SDK enables developers create Smart Contract Wallets (Based on ERC-4337 Standard) associated with each user's Externally Owned Account (EOA), and that provides added security compared to traditional EOAs with a single private key. With Fuse Wallet SDK, users can deposit funds that no one else can control and withdraw at any time.

Dart/Flutter SDK Features

The Dart/Flutter SDK enables easy ways to enable Account Abstraction on the Fuse Blockchain. Features include:

  • Create Smart Contract Wallet
  • Send transactions
    • Transfer ERC20 Token/ Native FUSE
    • Non-Blocking transactions
    • Transfer NFT
    • Swap tokens
  • Data Features
    • Get the list of tokens owned by address
    • Get the historical transactions
    • Get token details
    • Get Smart Wallet’s token balance
  • Staking Features
    • Get staking options
    • Stake and Unstake
    • Get staked tokens
  • Trade Features
    • Get token price
    • Get token price change in the last 24 hours
    • Get price change in interval
    • Get the list of supported tokens
    • Sponsored Transactions
  • Non-Blocking Transactions

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