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📄️ Introduction

FuseBox is an Open Source Wallet-As-A-Service platform based on Account Abstraction. It is ERC-4337 complaint and provides Developers the ability to use a Bundler for collacting UserOperations, and also a Paymaster to sponsor Gas payments for their users to provide a Gasless experience. FuseBox is required for building applications on the Fuse Network. It provides a set of methods that are available to Developers via a REST API, a Flutter SDK and a TypeScript SDK. Thus making is easier for Developers to interact with the Fuse Blockchain without the need to make direct RPC calls, and eliminating the need to use a node service provider.

📄️ Working With Walletconnect

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that allows for a seamless connection between decentralized applications ("dapps") and mobile wallets. It provides a secure way for users to interact with dapps directly from their mobile phones, ensuring that their sensitive information remains protected. This is especially important when compared to desktop or browser extension wallets, which can be more vulnerable to security breaches. Additionally, WalletConnect-enabled wallets offer greater convenience, as users can easily scan QR codes or use deep linking to connect to dapps. With WalletConnect, users can experience the benefits of decentralized finance without having to sacrifice security or ease of use.