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What is Fuse

Fuse is an enterprise-grade, use-case agnostic, reliable, and secure decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain. Gas fees average around $0.001, while transaction speeds are below 5 seconds.

Fuse is designed for entrepreneurs and organizations that want to experiment, launch and scale Web3 apps and integrate crypto payments. Anyone can build on the Fuse Blockchain and leverage enterprise-ready, decentralized tech - be it existing crypto projects, start-ups, or blue-chip companies.

Whether building gaming, social, or Web3 payment focussed products, Fuse is designed from the bottom up as a decentralized blockchain infrastructure and built to power the future of Web3.

The Fuse SDK lets companies plug Web3 services and crypto payments into their existing mobile products with business-ready smart contract wallets, eliminating the complexities of Web3.

Over 100 decentralized service providers power the Fuse ecosystem, from token bridges and DEXs to NFT marketplaces, fiat on-ramps, and DID identifiers. This gives project teams and startups all the tooling required to build and scale dApps on an EVM-compatible blockchain.

The network’s utility token is the Fuse Token (FUSE) - an ERC-20 token. It can be used as a medium of exchange, as payment to the Fuse Network to approve transactions, or to participate in the network’s staking mechanism.