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See FIP1 for more info

What is a FIP?

FIP stands for Fuse Improvement Proposal. A FIP is a design document providing information to the Fuse community or describing a new feature for Fuse Network. The FIP should provide motivation and technical specifications for the feature.

FIP-1Introduction and explanation about FIP'sDone
FIP-2Enabling delegation of fuse tokens to validatorsDone
FIP-3Lowering the stake to run a validator node to 100K FuseDone
FIP-4Multi validators, validators can run multiple nodesUndone
FIP-5Validators key splitting, validator will have separated keysUndone
FIP-6Bridge implementation should be changeable by votingUndone
FIP-7Tiny Ethereum Network transactions on end of cycleUndone
FIP-8Adjusting Block Rewards by the Validator's StakeDone