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2023 Technical Roadmap


  • Release the new Fuse mobile SDK, providing tools to build mobile cross-platform Web3 apps and wallets – Live.
  • Launch API Service: The Fuse API Service is a vital part of the services provided to Operators and powers the Fuse SDK. Its components will serve as the foundation for Power Validators services. – Live
  • The WooCommerce Payment plugin is available for WordPress stores. – Live
  • Fuse Improvement Proposal (FIP) for Power Validators.


  • Fuse Improvement Proposal (FIP) for Tokenomics upgrade. We will share details in the FIP.
  • API Service improvements:
    • New Operators module – Operators will cover user and merchant fees.
    • Smart contract wallet upgrades.
    • EIP-4337 – Account Abstraction compatibility.
  • Web SDK version for the JS ecosystem.
  • SDK extensions for social logins and on and off ramps.
  • Fuse Improvement Proposal (FIP) for consensus upgrade.
  • Fuse open-source mobile wallet upgrade to new SDK.


  • API service new feature: Contract-powered recurring payments service.
  • Privacy Layer first pilot.
  • Power Validators (PVs) – Milestone 1. PVs can run relayers.


  • Consensus Upgrade is live if the proposal passes in Q2.
  • Power Validators – Milestone 2. Adding more services.
  • Integration of liquid staking with Power Validators.
  • FIP for privacy layer tokenomics upgrade proposal.