Fuse Dollar

Fuse Dollars is a dollar pegged stable cryptocurrency that is minted on the Fuse blockchain and was created in order to lower barrier for mainstream users to use this new asset type just like they use cash.
Fuse Dollar is free to move between accounts on the app and swap them for other currencies and even hold them is a yield bearing savings account.

How does Fuse Dollar keeps it’s peg to USD?

Fuse Dollar (fUSD) is fully backed by USDC which is a fully backed us regulated stablecoin minted by and is widely used in the decentralized finance space. The Fuse network will add more stablecoins to aggregate yield, add stability and remove friction for on boarding and off boarding between crypto and fiat.


Fuse Dollar


PegSwap contract holds the fUSD backed reserve in USDC. Via the Pegswap contract you can easily swap between fUSD and USDC in 1 to 1 ratio. Go to and select a trade between USDC and fUSD