The Blockchain for Web3 Payments

Developing alternative rails for the global payments industry.
Our primary focus is developing Fuse into alternative rails for the global payments industry. We want a future where hundreds of millions worldwide use crypto for everyday needs.
However, we are convinced that most consumers will not use the blockchain for payments directly, as crypto-savvy people do now, at least in the foreseeable future. Most people are not prepared to run their bank accounts directly on-chain and be exposed to the friction and risks involved.
Instead, applications will need to be built that will make the experience of making payments and other financial transactions as smooth and close to what users have become familiar with while using modern payment apps like Venmo and Revolut.
These will run on the blockchain but will not force users to handle private keys or pay transaction fees.
This section introduces the Fuse tools that businesses and other organizations can use to develop such applications.