FUSE on Other Chains

Interoperability with other major blockchains is important for the growth of Fuse and the prospects of realizing its vision. One of the ways of securing it is through enabling the versions (wrappers) of FUSE on other chains.
Unlinke FUSE on Fuse Network, those wrappers are ERC20 tokens are created whenever someone locks a certain number of tokens on the Fuse and gets issued the exact same amount of wrapper tokens on the target blockchain. If a user withdraws the wrapper from the target blockchain, the tokens burned and the FUSE tokens on Fuse are unlocked.
Currently, wrapped versions of FUSE token exist on Ethereum (mainnet), Binance Smart Chain and the Arbitrum One layer-2 optimistic rollup chain for Ethereum. The latter is a wrapper of a wrapper powered by the Ethereum-Arbitrum bridge and its withdrawals from Arbitrum are subject to the optimistic rollup rules.

FUSE on Ethereum

FUSE on Polygon

FUSE on BNB Chain

FUSE on Arbitrum One