Fuse Token (FUSE)

The FUSE token is the native currency of the Fuse Network blockchain and platform, just like ETH on Ethereum.

FUSE utility:

  • Transaction fees Being the native currency on the Fuse Network blockchain, FUSE is required to pay fees to have transactions approved on it.
  • Validation Token holders can stake FUSE to become a validator. The minimal staking requirement is 100K. The network is growing, currently there are 60+ validators.
  • Voting Validators vote on protocol changes with their staked FUSE, as well as with the tokens delegated to them by stakers. Which means validators with higher amounts of Fuse staked can have a bigger vote on network upgrades and governance changes.
  • Staking (for delegators) Any FUSE holder can choose one or more validators to delegate any amount of FUSE they wish. They receive a share of the Fuse block rewards proportionate to the share of their stake in the total stake, minus the minimum 15% fee paid to the validator(s).
  • Payments As FUSE is the native currency on Fuse Network, sending it does not require interactions with smart contracts. Thus, FUSE transfers are potentially faster and less costly in terms of transaction fees.
IMPORTANT: Merely possessing any amount of FUSE tokens does not endow holders with any rights to participate in the governance of the Fuse Network platform or any revenue streams related to its real-world performance.

Obtaining FUSE

Where to Buy

FUSE is available for purchase on a number of centralized (CEX) and decentralized DEX exchanges.
Centralized exchanges:, Huobi Global, MEXC Global, AscendEX, Bimart, Bittrex Global
DEXes: Uniswap V2 and V3 (Ethereum), PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain), Quickswap (Polygon), Voltage DEX (Fuse), Sushiswap (Fuse), 1inch (Ethereum), KyberSwap (Ethereum), Loopring (Ethereum).
The best information about the FUSE trading volumes and prices on various exchanges can be found on the Coingecko "Markets" page for the token.
A convenient current way of purchasing FUSE straight from one's bank account is through using the Fuse Cash wallet to deposit Fuse Dollars, and then swapping those to FUSE via the in-app integration with Voltage DEX.

Where to Farm

At the moment, the FUSE token is sometimes used by the project team to power liquidity rewards (yield farming) programs to boost liquidity on DEXes and the participation in the Fuse Lending Network.
The ongoing liquidity rewards programs on DEXes can be discovered here.

Other ways of obtaining FUSE

From time to time, the Fuse team uses FUSE to pay rewards to the members of the community for various forms of participation and community engagement. The best way to stay up-to-date about these opportunities is to follow Fuse's social channels.
The FUSE token is also used to power Fuse grants and bounties. Please consult the Grants and Bounties section for more details.